Metal Madness Shootout


October 2021 Metal Madness / Tandemkross Shootout

More shoot houses, more guns, more fun! October’s Metal Madness Shootout will be the best one yet. Full details coming soon!

Note: MMSSA Membership is required to participate in the Prize Event.

  • October 9+10

  • Cost: $30/gun


Performance parts that solve common firearm problems. Competition shooters and weekend plinkers alike benefit from TANDEMKROSS.
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Crazy Quail focuses on developing the most high-tech automated target systems that are efficient, versatile, simple to use, and all around more fun to shoot!
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Tippmann Arms specializes in manufacturing high-quality USA built firearms for the shooting sports enthusiast.
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Elftmann Tactical manufactures high performance drop-in triggers for AR-15 and AR-10 rifles in addition to other innovative firearms accessories. 

Our sponsors and partners make the Metal Madness Shootout possible!


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JUNE 2021 Recap

Tandemkross team member Emily Cutts sings the National Anthem at the June 2021 Shoot Off

It was a LOT OF WORK!!! But tons of fun…

We shot 22 passes of 5 shooters in each of the 4 shooting houses each day or 88 passes each day. there were as many as 500 people in attendance from 28 states.

More than 54,600 bullets were spent, Crazy Quail used more than 50 cases of clays. Metal Madness Airsoft shot 10,000 rounds of BBs in one day.

We had 20 Bracket Bullet winners and more than $10,000.00 in prizes that were given out in a random drawing from our sponsors.

2020 Prize Event Recap

Our 1st Metal Madness Shootout is in the books! We want to thank all the people that helped us and worked so hard to put this event together. During the Metal Madness Shootout event, we shot more than 37,000 rounds of 22s and over 3,000 shotgun shells. There is no way the Shootout could have happened with all of your help and support. Mrs. T and I are forever grateful.

Our sponsors were unbelievable:

  • Tandemkross

  • Tippmann Arms

  • Elftmann

  • Hunters Gold

  • Devil Dog Arms

  • Crazy Quail

  • Striplin Custom Gunworks

  • Crazy Ivan

  • TacSol

  • Trey Langhi

  • Bralin Laser

  • Pro Shot

  • Ruger

  • Case XX

  • Steel Target Paint

  • NRA

  • NSSF

  • Gun Owner Cares

  • Shooting Sports USA

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