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Ed White

Founder & Avid Shooter
Founded in 2014 Metal Madness is the brainchild of Ed White, owner of the Grand Rivers Shooting Range located just outside of Paducah, KY. We have large ties to the community including fundraisers and social events.
Founder: Ed White



Metal Madness is the result of years of experimentation with target layout and finding just the right mix of speed and accuracy.

It’s truly a community effort that has made Metal Madness such a success!

Fun For All Ages

We aquaint people of all ages to shooting sports. There are players across generations on the shooting line at the same time.

A large percentage of our membership are women.

Because of all this, Metal Madness introduces many, many people each year to our shooting sport.

2A All the Way

We’re proud supporters of the 2nd Amendment. So we’ve designed our game, including the Mobile ranges, to be as accessible and shooting-friendly as possible.

Metal Madness is versatile and challenging enough to attract all kinds of people and introduce them safely to our exciting and fun shooting sport.
YouTube video

The Steel

Dive into this video to learn about the origin of Metal Madness….. Behind the Steel, The History of Metal Madness:
Video: History of MMSSA