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The program is designed for all youths ages 9 to 18. Only Rimfire, magazine fed, rifles and pistols are allowed.

Each participant must complete a Metal Madness Rifle Safety and Firearm Training class and will receive a certificate upon completion. A second safety/firearms training class is required for Pistol Certification. The pistol class is restricted to ages 12 to 18.

Instructors will be available on a scheduled basis. Participants must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Participants are encouraged to furnish their own firearms, however range rifles and pistols will be available for use. Participants are required to furnish ammo. Ammo will be available at the range for purchase at a reduced price.

Education will be given and all firearms safety and range rules will be strictly enforced!


Metal Madness Puts Safety First!

The only time a firearm is loaded and charged is when the player is shooting. No firearm can be loaded until every player is in place on the firing line and the command to make your firearm ready is given.

When the firearm is made ready the player can not handle the firearm until it is their turn to shoot. When the player finishes shooting their lane or changes lanes: the firearm is unloaded, flagged (a small bright plastic piece that shows the firearm is unloaded), and placed on the deck pointing downrange in their lane, or pointed up while changing lanes.

First Shots Program


Just fill out an online survey and get your reward via email to spend at Grand Rivers however you choose! First Shots will provide: 25 rounds of .22lr, eye & ear protection, target, a notebook, and even an ink pen.

We are proud to offer education to first time gun owners and now have partnered with NSSF First Shots to offer gun safety education and instruction at Grand Rivers Shooting Range!

When it comes to learning about shooting and firearms ownership, not knowing how or where to start can be an intimidating hurdle. Let MMSSA and First Shots help you with firearm fundamentals.

We offer instruction to first time gun owners and provide a friendly safe environment for them to shoot.

We teach the following:

  • firearm safety
  • range rules
  • proper handling procedures
  • safe storage

First Shots Form

    Are you at least 18 years of age? noyes

    I understand a parent or legal guardian must sign the membership application and/or waiver with the under 18 individual(s) and there is another person present acting as a witness. (required)

    Are you able to provide your own ammo? noyes

    I understand that due to current events ammo may not be available. Attendees are strongly encouraged to contact the range to ensure there is availability prior to attending. (required)


    Watch as we follow Ed White with our cameras around during a Metal Madness Match to see it all go down. There is no doubt that folks love the easy-going, yet competitive, family-friendly atmosphere of METAL MADNESS.
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