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Metal Madness at the Barn 3/5/2022

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DateTimeLeagueRoundsPassesShootersNew Shooters
March 5, 20227:27 pmMetal Madness Barn250233


Metal Madness at The Barn
2365 State Route 293, Eddyville, KY 42038

Box Score

# PlayerPositionBest TimeRanking
Amy F.Open Rifle46.77Marksman
00107Bradly DStock Pistol102.14Marksmen
Cindy HOpen Rifle29.80Sharpshooter
DougOpen Rifle34.44Sharpshooter
EdenOpen Rifle43.08Marksmen
Ethan M.Open Rifle24.33Expert
135Garry EOpen Pistol29.44Expert
00053Hoot GOpen Pistol33.65Sharpshooter
Jeremy WOpen Rifle16.48High Master
LT00004Jim FOpen Rifle23.63Expert
00108Lilian DStock Rifle29.16Sharpshooter
136Linda EOpen Rifle25.11Expert
Marie F.Open Rifle37.86Sharpshooter
LT00015Mark GOpen Rifle, Stock Rifle16.13 - 37.38High Master - Sharpshooter
MitchellOpen Rifle31.18Sharpshooter
N/MOpen Rifle25.90Expert
Non MemberOpen Rifle28.88Expert
00114Paul LStock Rifle34.69Sharpshooter
Richard COpen Rifle35.48Sharpshooter
Rob F.Stock Rifle44.64Marksman
Rodger Mc.Open Rifle33.53Sharpshooter
131Steve COpen Pistol, Stock Pistol24.38 - 51.21Master - Marksman
TaraOpen Rifle14.90High Master
 Total 765.6