Metal Madness at the Barn 3/5/2022


LocationMatch DayRoundsPassesShootersNew Shooters
Metal Madness Barn3/5/2022250233

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PlayerClassBest TimeRanking
Amy F.Open Rifle46.77Marksman
Bradly DStock Pistol102.14Marksmen
Cindy H Open Rifle29.80Sharpshooter
DougOpen Rifle34.44Sharpshooter
Eden Open Rifle43.08Marksmen
Ethan M.Open Rifle24.33Expert
Garry E Open Pistol29.44Expert
Hoot G Open Pistol33.65Sharpshooter
Jeremy WOpen Rifle16.48High Master
Jim F Open Rifle23.63Expert
Lilian D Stock Rifle29.16Sharpshooter
Linda EOpen Rifle25.11Expert
Marie F.Open Rifle37.86Sharpshooter
Mark GOpen Rifle, Stock Rifle16.13 - 37.38High Master - Sharpshooter
MitchellOpen Rifle31.18Sharpshooter
N/MOpen Rifle25.90Expert
Non MemberOpen Rifle28.88Expert
Paul LStock Rifle34.69Sharpshooter
Richard COpen Rifle35.48Sharpshooter
Rob F. Stock Rifle44.64Marksman
Rodger Mc.Open Rifle33.53Sharpshooter
Steve C Open Pistol, Stock Pistol24.38 - 51.21Master - Marksman
Tara Open Rifle14.90High Master
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