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Metal Madness at the Barn 11/7/2021

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Date Time League Season Rounds Passes Shooters New Shooters
November 7, 2021 12:59 pm Metal Madness Barn 2021 1 25 8 0


Metal Madness at The Barn
2365 State Route 293, Eddyville, KY 42038

Box Score

# Player Position Best Time Ranking
00107Bradly DOpen Rifle16.78High Master
135Garry EOpen Pistol29.44Expert
Janna AOpen Rifle, Open Pistol19.73 - 30.56Master - Expert
LT00004Jim FOpen Rifle21.47 - 100.24Master - Marksman
136Linda EOpen Rifle24.96Expert
LT00015Mark GOpen Rifle, Stock Rifle15.45 - 19.06High Master - High Master
Richard COpen Rifle31.27Sharpshooter
TaraOpen Rifle17.36High Master
 Total 176.46