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Metal Madness at the Barn 11-16-19


Metal Madness at the Barn 11/16/2019


LocationSeasonMatch DayRoundsPassesShootersNew Shooters
Metal Madness Barn201911/16/2019253160

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PlayerClassBest TimeRanking
Bradly D Open Rifle, Open Pistol, Stock Pistol19.08 / 37.77 / 41.19Master / Sharpshooter / Sharpshooter
Hoot G Open Pistol36.06Sharpshooter
Jan S Stock Pistol34.77Expert
Jim FOpen Rifle19.78Master
Justin S Open Rifle, Open Pistol23.60 / 24.85Expert / Master
Lilian D Open Rifle, Stock Rifle31.66 / 36.47 Sharpshooter / Sharpshooter
Mark GOpen Rifle19.50Master
Non MemberOpen Rifle35.29Sharpshooter
Paul LStock Rifle35.61Sharpshooter
Randy COpen Rifle, Open Pistol55.55 / 42.80Marksman / Marksman
Steve S Stock Rifle21.03Master
Teresa W Open Rifle42.74Marksman
Tom M Open Pistol23.76Master
Wayne T Open Rifle18.45High Master