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GRSR’s Metal Madness 9/23/23


LocationMatch DayRoundsPassesShootersNew Shooters
Grand Rivers Shooting Range09/23/2023359238

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PlayerClassBest TimeRanking
Beth K Open Rifle, Open Pistol29.42/54.96Sharpshooter/Marksman
Brayden D Open Rifle41.81Marksman
Cody Open Pistol19.22High Master
Colton BuckleyOpen Rifle19.00High Master
DougOpen Rifle, Open Pistol18.46/21.73High Master / High Master
GLayden (Bob) Open Pistol, Stock Rifle22.02/20.54Master / Master
Grace VOpen Rifle43.22Marksman
Justin SOpen Rifle17.44High Master
Mark G Open Rifle14.28High Master
Micheal V Open Rifle, Stock Rifle25.41/38.39Expert / Sharpshooter
Mike P. Open Pistol30.56Expert
Non MemberOpen Rifle29.23Sharpshooter
Non MemberOpen Pistol37.84Marksman
Non MemberOpen Rifle39.98Sharpshooter
Non MemberOpen Rifle46.09Marksman
Non MemberOpen Pistol, Stock Rifle27.70/30.34Expert/Expert
Non MemberStock Rifle38.60/152.49RevolverSharpshooter/Marksman
Non MemberStock Rifle40.63Marksman
Non MemberOpen Pistol23.93Master
Robert Collins Open Rifle21.03Master
Steve COpen Pistol22.68Master
Todd (Bullet) D. Open Rifle23.86Expert
WalterOpen Rifle26.66Expert