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Fowlers Shooting Range 01/09/2021


LocationSeasonMatch DayRoundsPassesShootersNew Shooters
Fowlers Shooting Range202101/09/2021324110

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PlayerClassBest TimeRanking
Janna AOpen Rifle13.44Metal Master
Jim F Open Rifle16.64High Master
Mark G Open Rifle13.21Metal Master
Mike ShOpen Rifle17.36High Master
Mitch AOpen Rifle18.39High Master
Non MemberOpen Rifle16.77Hight Master
Non MemberOpen Rifle19.77Master
Non MemberStock Pistol32.21Sharpshooter
None MemberStock Pistol70.14Marksman
Penny A Open Rifle, Stock Pistol19.52 / 78.25Master / Marksman
Robert COpen Rifle18.40High Master