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Freedom Brothers


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PlayerClassBest TimeRanking
Andrew Brumleve Open Rifle19.26 open riflemaster
Ben Maethers Open Rifle, Open Pistol18.65 open rifle/ 23.09 open pistolhigh master/master
Mike MacEachernOpen Rifle21.59 open riflemaster
Mitch A Open Rifle, Open Pistol, Stock Pistol27.96 open rifle/ 44.06 open pistol/ 54.91 stock pistolExpert/Marksman/Marksman
Myles Maether Open Rifle17.41 open rifleHigh master
Non MemberOpen Rifle32.67 open rifleSharpshooter
Non MemberOpen Rifle32.58 open rifleSharpshooter
Non MemberOpen Rifle29.31 open riflesharpshooter
Non MemberStock Pistol201.44 stock pistolMarksman
Non MemberOpen Rifle25.79 open rifleExpert
Non MemberOpen Rifle, Stock Pistol26.08 open rifle/ 32.39 stock pistolExpert/Sharpshooter
Penny AOpen Rifle, Stock Pistol26.17 open rifle/ 61.60 stock pistolExpert/Marksman
Robert COpen Rifle17.79 open rifleHigh master
Tom M Open Rifle24.93 open rifleExpert