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Metal Madness Shootout Oct 10th & 11th 2020 ( The scores are for 4 passes each bracket)


LocationSeasonMatch DayRoundsPassesShootersNew Shooters
Grand Rivers Shooting Range202010-10 & 11-202043045335

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PlayerClassBest TimeRanking
Aiden KiddStock Rifle, Stock Pistol105.90/ 118.31Expert /Expert
Ben BStock Pistol158.28Sharpshooter
Brad AOpen Rifle134.23Sharpshoot
Brenon SomersOpen Rifle100.09Expert
Brian FergusonOpen Rifle, Stock Rifle116.11 / 144.15Sharpshooter / Sharpshooter
Bryan HaakerOpen Rifle120.71Sharpshooter
Chuck H Open Pistol, Stock Pistol109.10 / 177.85Expert / Marksman
Colton Killingsworth Open Rifle, Open Pistol, Stock Rifle, Stock Pistol85.91 / 97.74/ 103.40 / 99.39Master / Expert / Expert / Master
David BenthinOpen Rifle96.56Expert
David McCullumOpen Rifle103.74Expert
Elsie BakerOpen Rifle147.28Sharpshooter
Garry EStock Rifle157.09Sharpshooter
Gilberto PadillaOpen Rifle, Stock Pistol105.22 / 182.47Expert / Marksman
Grace V Open Rifle227.70Novice
Greg TaylorOpen Rifle, Open Pistol108.47 / 144.09Expert / Sharpshooter
Jacob H Open Pistol, Stock Rifle157.76 /181.17Sharpshooter Marksman
Jake WymanOpen Rifle120.95Sharpshooter
Janna AOpen Rifle74.87High Master
Jason FrankStock Rifle108.80Expert
Jay Sonza Open Rifle, Open Pistol, Stock Rifle, Stock Pistol71.48 / 73.44 / 81.26 / 113.75High Master / High Master / High Master / Expert
Jeannie ShOpen Rifle98.56Expert
John OOpen Rifle140.04Sharpshooter
John Paul MichaelsOpen Rifle131.38Sharpshooter
Justin SOpen Rifle72.02High Master
Katlin BenthinOpen Rifle, Open Pistol, Stock Rifle72.09 / 74.74 / 87.94High Master / High Master / High Master
Ken TOpen Rifle71.13High Master
Korrina Taylor Open Rifle, Stock Rifle, Stock Pistol97.72 / 130.68 / 164.57Expert / Sharpshooter / Sharpshooter
Kyle KiddStock Rifle131.78Sharpshooter
Laura MichaelsOpen Rifle330.95Novice
Libby LanghiOpen Rifle275.90Novice
Linda EOpen Rifle109.61Expert
Luis (Smelly)Open Rifle145.15Sharpshooter
Marilyn McCullum Stock Pistol282.30Novice
Mark G Open Rifle66.49High Master
Marty LanghiOpen Rifle130.04Sharpshooter
Matt LanghiOpen Rifle136.07Sharpshooter
Micheal V Open Rifle81.89Master
Mike BakerOpen Rifle, Stock Rifle127.64 / 137.39Sharpshooter / Sharpshooter
Mike Sh Open Rifle, Stock Pistol89.07/ 240.26Expert / Marksman
Mitch AOpen Rifle, Stock Rifle94.27 / 146.30Expert / Sharpshooter
Penny A Open Rifle112.03Sharpshooter
Phil GOpen Rifle111.39Expert
Robert CollinsOpen Rifle102.74Expert
Robert FitzgeraldStock Rifle114.38Expert
Steve COpen Pistol92.87Master
Tim B Open Rifle, Open Pistol74.56 / 89.25High Master / Master
Tina AOpen Rifle239.08Novice
Tom MOpen Pistol106.70Expert
Trent Myers Open Pistol131.52Sharpshooter
Trey Langhi Open Pistol166.77Marksman
Wayne Kidd Stock Rifle, Stock Pistol99.95/ 128.48Expert / Sharpshooter
Wayne Kidd SR. Stock Rifle, Stock Pistol261.46 / 403.45Novice / Novice
Wayne TOpen Rifle76.80High Master