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GRSR’s Metal Madness 01/22/2022


LocationMatch DayRoundsPassesShootersNew Shooters
Grand Rivers Shooting Range01/22/2022340144

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PlayerClassBest TimeRanking
Bob WOpen Rifle36.40Sharpshooter
Dustin S Open Rifle26.08Expert
Jeremy W Open Rifle, Stock Rifle19.11 / 25.88 Master / Expert
Jim FOpen Rifle36.91Sharpshooter
Joshua TOpen Rifle, Stock Pistol39.22 / 149.19Marksman / Marksman
Justin SOpen Rifle19.82Master
Mark G Open Rifle, Stock Rifle18.13 / 23.39High Master / Expert
Richard COpen Rifle33.86Sharpshooter
Sarah SOpen Rifle48.00Marksman
Shane T Open Rifle, Stock Pistol33.73 / 80.93Sharpshooter / Marksman
Steve C Open Pistol44.45Marksman
Tanner D. Open Rifle31.53Sharpshooter
TaraOpen Rifle20.35Master
Todd (Bullet) D. Open Rifle47.02Marksman