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GRSR Metal Madness 03/26/2022


LocationMatch DayRoundsPassesShootersNew Shooters
Grand Rivers Shooting Range03/26/2022386357

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PlayerClassBest TimeRanking
Amy F.Open Rifle36.87Sharpshooter
Ashley D Stock Rifle41.33Marksman
BraydonOpen Rifle48.03Marksman
Cindy H Open Rifle40.06Marksman
David McCullumOpen Rifle26.37Expert
Dustin SOpen Rifle30.02Sharpshooter
Evan Stock Rifle57.66 / 53.04 RevolverMarksman / Marksman
Garry E Open Pistol29.94Expert
Hoot GOpen Pistol36.66Sharpshooter
Jeff W. Open Rifle28.12Sharpshooter
Jeremy W Open Rifle, Open Pistol15.85 / 35.37High Master / Sharpshooter
JonathanOpen Rifle34.55Sharpshooter
Joshua T Open Rifle24.28Expert
Ken T Open Rifle20.05Master
Linda EOpen Rifle29.09Sharpshooter
Marie F.Open Rifle46.74Marksman
Marilyn McCullumOpen Rifle32.21Sharpshooter
Mark GOpen Rifle18.18High Master
Mason FOpen Rifle39.50Sharpshooter
Mike AOpen Rifle238.04Marksman
Non MemberOpen Rifle26.18Expert
Non MemberOpen Rifle40.38Marksman
Non MemberOpen Rifle43.90Marksman
Non MemberOpen Rifle48.61Marksman
Non MemberOpen Rifle52.80Marksman
Non MemberOpen Rifle54.50Marksman
Non MemberOpen Rifle66.17Marksman
Richard COpen Rifle33.01Sharpshooter
Sarah SOpen Rifle25.01Expert
Sarah W.Open Rifle52.46Marksman
Shane TOpen Rifle37.19Sharpshooter
Tanner D.Open Rifle25.61Expert
Tara COpen Rifle17.54High Master
Todd (Bullet) D.Open Rifle30.89Sharpshooter
Trent Myers Open Rifle, Open Pistol37.23 / 47.80Sharpshooter / Marksman