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Freedom Brothers


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PlayerClassBest TimeRanking
Andrew Brumleve Open Rifle, Open Pistol22.44 open rifle/71.93 open pistolexpert/Marksman
Ben Maethers Open Rifle, Open Pistol21.92 open rifle/24.14 open pistolmaster/master
Chuck H Open Pistol26.86 open pistolexpert
Janna A Open Rifle15.83 open rifleHigh Master
Mitch A Open Rifle, Stock Pistol54.21 stock pistol/23.64 open rifleMarksman/Expert
Myles Maether Open Rifle, Stock Pistol19.87 open rifle/25.30 stock pistolMaster/Master
Non MemberOpen Rifle22.09 open rifleExpert
Non MemberStock Rifle40.89 stock rifleSharpshooter
Tom M Open Rifle24.57 open rifleExpert
William M Open Rifle23.90 open rifleExpert